Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are We Related to Anyone Famous?

"Do you have any famous relatives?"

This is the #1 question that I am asked when someone discovers that I am researching my genealogy. The answer is,"YES!"  So far, I have uncovered connections to two very famous Americans, one from each side of my family tree.  Which one is more famous? You be the judge!

Famous Relative #1

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr (1858-1919)
26th President of the United States

File:President Theodore Roosevelt, 1904.jpg

Roosevelt was the 6th cousin of one of my maternal 2nd great-grandmothers, Rosanna Mann.  My 9th great-grandparents were also Roosevelt's 5th great-grandparents: Thomas Potts and Elizabeth Baset Potts.  Thomas Pott died in 1680 in Llanigirrig, Montgomeryshire, Wales, leaving his wife with seven young children.  The Potts family were Quakers.  The local church gave the widow money for passage to the United States to settle in William Penn's new Quaker colony, Pennsylvania around the year 1680.  Roosevelt is related through his father's mother to Thomas and Elizabeth's son David, while I am descended through another son named Jonas.  We are also related to Theodore's niece, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, who married one of her distant cousins, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States.  See the family resemblance?  I think she looks like my sister.....just kidding!

Famous relative #2

Madonna Louise Ciccone
(1958- living)

Madonna is my 7th cousin through my paternal grandmother.  Many people assume Madonna is Italian.  Her FATHER is Italian, her mother was French-Canadian.  If you are French-Canadian or Louisiana Cajun, I am probably related to you, as this population was relatively isolated by geography, culture, and religion for many years. I have traced branches of my family tree in Canada back to the 1640s.  Madonna is also related to Celine Dion, Hilary Clinton, and Camilla Parker Bowles (wife of Prince Charles).  I do not know if I am related to those people, too, yet.....



  1. I'm so excited you are into genealogy also! I am obsessed! I have been working on my trees for years! (I think Alicia told you I am working on making a book for her too) Anyway, I am also French Canadian, I wonder if we are related! My ancestors were among the founders of Montreal, in fact my 11th great grandfather Jacques Archambeault built the 1st well in Montreal. Their is a plaque to him and everything! We have to find out if we are cousins!!! I'll email you a list of my french canadian surnames and see if anything shakes out!

    1. This is Jessica Fraser by the way!

  2. Jessica-
    I am sure we are related, and that you are also related to Alicia, as Alicia is my 10th cousin.....